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Live streaming is the most popular medium of communication in the current era. Commonly used in virtual and hybrid events, this technology is the best available option for a larger audience base and spreads messages across different realms in real time. All you need is an internet connection to reach your audience in any corner of the world.

We at 24 Frames Digital encourage you to tell stories. While we ensure that your voice reaches the world by making the best use of advanced technology and customised features like security, chatbots, branding, and online polls.

Our live streaming services include Promotions, Multilocation CMEs, Town Hall Meetings, and Product Launches.

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Live Streaming of virtual and hybrid events
going live on multiple Social Media Platforms

Social Media Live Streaming

In today's video-driven world, it's a lot easier than ever to live-stream through social media platforms. YouTube Streaming, for instance, is used for promoting a brand or service, sharing knowledgeable insight, or hosting a live concert, which in turn, engages your target audience and generates potential leads.

24 Frames Digital delivers everything that's important for your company and can pace your event experience to the next level. Social media platforms have in-built live streaming software with creative animations and visual effects, which can efficiently attract your target audience.

These virtual spaces include: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Live Stream Ensures Your Message Reach Global Audience On A Secured Line

24 Frames Digital understands what data confidentiality means to you. We develop a private live stream platform with security measures that only allow authorised individuals to access, share, or retrieve content throughout the event. Enterprises can stream sensitive content securely using our embedded SSO-enabled live streaming platforms. We provide end-to-end video management capabilities with customised virtual stages and an easy-to-use interface, keeping security the highest priority.

Our Expertise Includes:

Private URLs
Payment Gateway
OTP Solution
White Labelling
Https Streaming
Password Mechanism
Group Chat
One To Many Chats
Photo Booth
Engagement Activities

Live Streaming On

Intranet streaming is the best tool to enhance internal communication within an organisation. Many conglomerates and megacorps streamline their internal communication with the intranet network for instant reach.

Being a leading live streaming service provider, we make it easy for you to reach and engage with your workforce by customising the precise webcast solution that matches your extensive LAN, WAN, and VPN networks without any interruptions.

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Remote video call meeting

Live Streams Are Multi-Purpose!

Be it internal meetings or trade shows; communication is vital for the survival of any business. Live streaming provides a real-time platform where companies can convey their brand message, inventions, or business proposals to their targeted audiences from anywhere in the world.

At 24 Frames Digital, we aim to eliminate the circumventing constraints of physical locations and connect you with potential customers, investors and global companies using our live-streaming services. Our comprehensive guidance in webcast streaming includes infrastructure and technology with implementing the latest tools and techniques.

Among Our Landscapes Are:

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Established in 2002 with a domestic presence across major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru- 24 Frames Digital takes immense pride in pioneering live streaming service in India. We're committed to providing quality services in live streaming, virtual events, online communication and media space. Rooted to our core value- customer first; we ensure delivering nothing but the best to our clients with the assistance of our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, which makes us most reliable & trustworthy live streaming service providing company in India.