Which Social Media Live Streaming Platforms Will Suit Your Company?

Published On 2022-04-25

which-Social-Media-Live-Streaming-Suits-youLive Streaming Platforms_1200X600.jpg
In order to determine which social media platform to use for your live stream, you should identify which one has your most extensive audience base. Focusing on your target audience will help you choose a suitable social space, at the same time, it will enable you to figure out the right content strategy and engage your viewership.
If your search results are too similar and you can't decide which platform to choose, let's dig inside to understand them in more detail. 

Facebook Live Streaming Services
Facebook is one of the most reliable social media platforms that attract a large pool of audience. According to a study, Facebook live attracts three times more engagement than other videos on social media.
Facebook live streams offer an opportunity to forge more authentic and valuable connections with the audience. While logging into your Facebook account, your live video option will appear on the top of your feeds. You can set it on the autopay mode to engage as many viewers as possible.
Following are some benefits of streaming live on this platform:
Facebook has the largest audience base than any other social media platform.
Live streams on Facebook reach and connect with the audience more organically.
It has very creative and attractive visuals that engage the audience for a longer time.
Instagram Live Streaming Services
Instagram is the most engaging of all other social media platforms. Its innovative visual effects, smart interface designs, and user-friendly features are what attract the most viewers to opt for this digital platform.
With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram Live allows the viewers to post their comments, questions, and feedback in real-time. Enabled with a push-button notification, your followers will receive an alert each time you start a live stream.
Here are some of the advantages of using Instagram Live Streaming Services:
It's easy to start and end a live video from a smartphone or a tablet.
After the original stream timing, your viewers can replay your Instagram Live for the next 24 hours.
It creates a Face-to-Face experience that feels personal and genuine.
YouTube Live Streaming Services
The largest video streaming platform, YouTube, is already renowned among companies who create video content to increase engagement. Live streaming on YouTube can be a powerful tool for increasing interaction with your target audience and taking them into confidence.
Video viewers mainly use YouTube; hence, your live stream already caters to a more filtered audience than any other social media platform. Once the YouTube algorithm analyses your live stream can hold audience attention for a long period of time, they will automatically reward it with higher search and recommendation rankings.
Two main advantages of using YouTube Live Streaming Services are as follows:
You can edit the video of your live broadcast on YouTube and publish it on other social media platforms.
One can archive your live streams on YouTube for watching them later.
With emerging digital trends in 2022, it is undeniable that live stream events on social media platforms are taking over the digital market in terms of mass popularity and engagement. All you need is a compelling content strategy, a knack for technology, and the right social media platform to bring overall success to your live event. To get everything under a single roof, you can anytime connect with us.

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