What Are the Main Benefits of Social Media Live Streaming?

Published On 2022-04-18

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In today's video-driven world, it's a lot easier than ever to live-stream through social media platforms. Over 3.6 billion people socialize through social media across the globe, which gives you a huge opportunity to reach your audience and convert them into your potential customers.
Social media live streaming is a broadcasting service that uses social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., to reach your audience in real-time. 
The objective of a social stream can be to promote a brand or service, share knowledgeable insight, or host a live concert, which in return, engages your target audience and generates potential leads.

Social media live streaming is powerful, compelling, and engaging, provided you use the right marketing strategy. There are numerous benefits to live streaming on social media platforms. But, we are summarising them all into five pointers:

Direct Engagement
Social audience loves live content. According to a study, 82% of the viewers prefer to watch live videos over other engagement mediums on digital platforms. People love live streaming as they can connect and communicate over topics of common interests.
At the same time, an organisation receives genuine feedback from its followers and revamps its services according to its audience needs.  
In other visual marketing strategies, an organisation needs to spend a huge amount of money on production and editing to outperform among its competitors. But, most of the social media platforms are free to conduct live streams!
Social media platforms have an in-built live streaming software with creative animations and visual effects, which can efficiently attract your target audience. Often, it only requires a smartphone or a tablet and a good internet connection.
Strong Sales Conversion

Social media live streaming offers better sales conversions than other social media engagement activities. Demonstrating your product features live on digital platforms will increase engagement and online visibility, which can instantly generate more sales. 
Also, you can build confidence among your customers and create new business opportunities by resolving all queries on live streaming.
Word-of-Mouth Publicity on Digital Platforms 

Consumers love to talk about their experience with a new product or service on digital platforms. Live streaming can offer you an opportunity to get direct feedback from your audience and influence them to spread information among their networks.
If they find your content unique and engaging, they will immediately ask their friends, colleagues, or family members to subscribe to your channel. And what's more, Word-of-Mouth is trusted by 86% of the consumer, making it the most successful form of marketing.
Share Relevant Content

Content creation is purely based on entertaining your audience. Through live streaming on social media platforms, you can share valuable insights about current affairs, trending topics, or healthy tips that might be valuable for the viewers.
Before conducting a live stream, share a social media post stating the timing, topic of discussion, and the digital platform on which you will be performing your event. It will help the audience to save the timing on their calendar.
To Conclude:
Social media has been an intrinsic part of a successful marketing campaign. Live streaming on social media platforms can help you interact with your audience, understand their needs, and build a good content strategy to generate more leads.

However, this journey isn't going to be easy. The very thought of freezing in front of the screen and cracking the right content concept can make even the most sensational influencer cringe. Influencing a social audience takes a lot of planning, research, and patience. If you want to make your social media live streaming an unforgettable experience for your viewers, you can connect with us instantly.

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