Virtual Reality The Way Forward

Published On 2022-03-21


Virtual Reality (VR), also known as the technology of the future, is a computer-based simulation that immerses you into a virtual world by showcasing a 360-degree view of various images and objects. This immersive nature of VR helps the user to feel that they are part of the video’s content. VR technology is constantly developing. The creators are focusing on building finer immersive technology that will not only take control of the user's hearing and visual capacity but also their touch and smell senses. For example, Tesla has built a full-body VR suit that will immerse a person into an experience that engages all his sensory organs and thus, provide haptic feedback. According to a report by Valuates, the VR industry is expected to increase by 63.3% CAGR between 2018 to 2025. Virtual Reality in the future will grow 21-folds reaching a CAGR of $571 billion by 2025. While looking at these impressive statistics, we cannot help but wonder; What are the Virtual Reality trends in our near future?  


  1.  Education & Training

With the occurrence of the global pandemic and the covid-led lockdown, a surge in remote learning is being observed. This provided an excellent opportunity for the VR industry to make inroads into the education and training field. It is observed that VR in education helps retain knowledge better. For instance, medicine students were taught certain surgery procedures with the help of Virtual Reality. Later, a study conducted in 2019 showcased that students taught using this technology were able to perform those procedures faster and more accurately than students who were taught using traditional methods. Another example of VR technology being used currently is the Tesla Suit which was discussed earlier. It is used in training astronauts at NASA.





      2. Industry & Work


Various fields like architecture, entertainment, healthcare, tourism, and journalism have already begun using this technology. In healthcare, Virtual Reality was successful in treating patients with phobias and anxiety disorders. It was also used for people with autism to help them develop social and communication skills. At the same time, the media field uses VR in journalism by providing the spectators a 360-degree view of the events that are being live-streamed. Along with many others, these fields are on the outlook to develop better procedures to use VR more efficiently. Virtual Reality providers in the future are working to establish procedures that will involve touch, smell as well as taste. These advancements in technology will soon lead to the advent of 'dematerialized office', where workplaces will no longer need you to step out and travel! Virtual Reality, technology of the future, will provide us with an interactive, collaborative work environment just by wearing headsets.




      3. Gaming & Entertainment


Virtual Reality technology is rapidly being adopted in the gaming and entertainment industry. An enormous market is ready to invest in the technology that allows you to immerse into a video game or practice a particular sport while being in the comfort of your home. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) research, video games, live events, and video entertainment are expected to grow to $18.9 Billion. Notable sporting events and companies have started investing in this fast-growing industry. 




As we can observe, Virtual Reality has already been integrated into our present and will speedily accelerate even further. With the advancements in the internet and mobile technology, VR will be easily accessible. The equipment's required for the same would also become cheaper and lighter. Click on this link to know how we at,  24 Frames Digital, are actively contributing to the future of VR.


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