How Technology is Transforming Traditional Event formats

Published On 2022-05-11

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Everything from launch events to music concerts, technology has redefined the meaning of endless possibilities and made our lives easier than we thought. During the global pandemic, business meetings and events significantly transitioned, accelerating technology and adaptation of virtual event platforms.

The way events are planned, executed, and managed has been influenced by the presence of technological advancements. Multiple innovations have dramatically revolutionized, and in some ways, simplified, the way we conduct events and how attendees perceive them during the last decade.

Marketers have embraced this digitization to regain leads as businesses have shifted to virtual events. There is a lot of room for growth with the integration of technology and marketing for businesses. Let’s see how technology is transforming traditional event formats.

Event Automation

Event automation systems take standard event management software to the next level, automating numerous aspects of event planning such as event website creation, registrations, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and feedback. With event automation and various tools that it provides, it is easier to personalise online live events and create an ideal virtual corporate events platform. You no longer have to go through a tedious process, and if you want to cut short the process even more, we have got your back! 24 Frames Digital’s virtual events platform helps organisations connect with global audiences by hosting various virtual events with end-to-end solutions.


Simplification Through Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have brought a great sense of simplicity to our lives, making our actions more seamless and free of errors. Mobile Apps have resolved multiple issues, right from replacing the traditional event planning while mitigating early complexities to efficiently handling many components of the process, such as registrations, event schedules, navigation and more. A noteworthy example of this eased by event technology experience is how a single app designed for the Dubai Expo 2020 made it easier to make pavilion visits convenient through queue status, registrations, selecting a time slot, showing the event schedules, etc. Thus, making the visitor's experience more convenient and fun.


Live Interaction

Virtual reality concepts have been known to pique the curiosity of both planners and attendees. Often online live events can feel monotonous, to add a personal touch and to make it more interactive by using various tools like creation of virtual event venue, customised background solutions, engagement activities. With the help of these technological tools a virtual event can add more value to both the organisers and the attendees.


Promotion with a Purpose

Event planners can use geo-filters to target a certain audience in a specific location. For example, utilising geo-filters for an event can be advertised across several digital and social media channels in the city. Aside from that, planners can target certain audiences based on their interests using their social media profiles, allowing them to gather information on potential attendees who might be interested in their events and advertise accordingly.



NFC (Near-Field Communication)

NFC is a significant technological breakthrough. NFC, a wireless mechanism that allows two devices to share information, can be introduced into events through wearable gadgets. Simple NFC-enabled digital bands that may be beeped at the show's door can assist events. These bands allow people to skip the headache of security checks, payments, and entry verification, allowing them to handle all of those difficult procedures in one go.


This is just the tip of the iceberg; technological advancements are happening at an unimaginable pace to make our lives better and transform the face of traditional event formats. If you are looking for a hassle-free virtual events service provider, we are here for you. 24 Frames Digital provides you with an end-to-end virtual event solution according to your requirements.








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