How Is A Virtual Event Different From A Webinar

Published On 2021-09-20


How Is A Virtual Event Different From A Webinar?


You might have not heard of webinars before the pandemic, but this phenomenon has been around for almost three decades. They used to play a distinct purpose in marketing, but with the growth of online events, they have become increasingly chaotic. With technical advancements, digital gatherings are becoming much more than simply the demonstration-style video conferences that we've come to expect from online seminars. We're now seeing full-fledged physical events recreated by virtual platform services, replete with break-out areas and various sessions.


However, it does not imply that web conferences are slowing down. There will still be a lot of them utilised at virtual events, reducing their distinction. Talking about differences, we are often asked about the dissimilarities between these two video event methods and which one to prefer. So to remove the confusion, we decided to give you a basic understanding of them and list down some of their major differences in this blog.


Virtual Events:

 It is simply an in-person event that has been recreated digitally but without the physical impediments. They are a modern alternative to old and rigid practical event structures. Here, guests are provided various options and sessions they wish to participate in, rather than being confined by an unchanging single webinar location. While online events may also feature live seminars as part of their agenda, they are more than just a single stand-alone session.



Since its inception, webinars were an essential tool of the 21st-century marketing mix until the arrival of virtual events. Webinars is a basic online-based interface that allows users to participate by asking questions and watching a speaker via webcam. It is primarily intended for smaller groups such as board discussions, practice sessions, and seminars. They are often broadcasted live and use simple audience interaction features, such as Q&A or polls.


Major Differences Between Virtual Events & Webinars:


1.   Virtual Events have a broader scope:

Webinars can include hundreds of participants, but when compared to virtual events, there is a significant difference. The latter has a broader bandwidth that results in obtaining a larger audience. With the diversity that online events offer, it attracts a lot more viewers than webinars. For instance, a digital event participant can attend it for various reasons like networking, learning about a product, etc. But, an online seminar attendee will be there only for a single cause that is listening to the speaker.


2.   Connecting to the audience is difficult through Webinars:

One of the most significant aspects in determining the success of any program is audience interaction. Webinar participants do not have many alternatives for involvement other than Q&A sessions or polls. This makes it difficult for them to maintain a connection. At the same time, virtual events allow the guests to engage by offering live questions, break-out sessions, as well as innovative themes and concepts.


3.   It is easier to convey your message through Virtual Events:

The various features of virtual events come in handy to communicate your message for the brand as well as the event.  An online show helps you make a bolder statement compared to a webinar, which only consists of a presentation with a speaker and limited participation via Q&A and polls.

 An ideal virtual event solutions provider offers a greater opportunity to show the guests a comprehensive experience of your brand and its services when compared to the webinars.



Webinar service providers are wonderful as a marketing or information distribution vehicle, but they are not events in the traditional sense. On the other hand, virtual events allow a lot more freedom, which means more opportunities to connect with the participants and offer them an immersive experience.


Key Takeaway

Eventually, it all comes down to the brand’s demands and marketing goals. So go with the one that best suits your business’s requirements and fulfils all of your objectives.

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