Difference between the (AR) and (VR)

Published On 2022-04-04


  What makes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Different?




Artificial Intelligence has impacted the day-to-day aspects of our lives in a very short span. This wonderful technology of artificial intelligence is assisting us, whether it is unlocking our phones or searching things on the internet, taking directions while driving, or simply using filters while clicking photos. While Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, it is necessary to understand the meaning and differences between two different types of upcoming technologies: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.





What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-based simulation that immerses you in a virtual world with a screen embedded into a headset. It gives you a 360-degree view of a world that is not real, just by wearing a headset! VR is commonly used for gaming and entertainment. However, this impressive technology is slowly and steadily being used in the fields of education, medicine, as well as business. Various businesses use VR for training employees as well as providing customers with high-end brand experiences. For example, Walmart recently used VR to train their employees on how to provide better customer service. This technology helped the employees to rewatch certain real-life scenarios as if they were actually happening and then have discussions based upon them.



What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality(AR) helps you to see the real, physical world with images superimposed or layered on top. It is quite similar to Virtual Reality. However, one significant difference of AR and VR is that AR can be used with easily accessible, more common types of equipment like Mobile phones or tablets while VR requires you to wear huge headsets. Some examples that will help you understand Augmented reality better, are the snapchat filters that we use or the widely popular game called Pokémon Go. This game required its users to capture monsters situated in public places with the help of their phone's location and camera. Some marketers have started using Augmented Reality to improve their sales by providing an experience of a product before its use. For example, The famous toy company ‘Lego’ offers its customer an app to scan a code printed on the toy box. It will give them an experience that the assembled toys are actually moving right in front of their eyes! Many other industries like aviation, automobile, and travel are steadily adopting AR as part of their marketing strategies.





The importance of AR & VR technology is rapidly increasing with it’s fast pace of growth and improvements in various fields. Learning and understanding about the enormous potential of these technologies will surely help you develop better customer services and marketing strategies for your business. We would also suggest that you read about some AugmentedReality and Virtual Reality providers which will help you use the technology in a better way.


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