The Rising Advantages of Virtual Events

Published On 2022-07-11

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Virtual events have been in the market for a very long time. However, they have been extensively noticed and used by various organizations only recently. Those enterprises who have adapted to new ways of doing business due to the global pandemic have found online events to be very advantageous. Let us discuss the increasing number of significant benefits of virtual events:

Enhanced data collection

Your business can measure event attendance on a whole new level with virtual conferences and online events. It can be challenging, if not impossible, to monitor each attendee's activity during an event that takes place on-site. However, when it comes to virtual conferences, things are much easier. 

Details tracked in real-time through user activity logs:

* Number of users who utilized the live chat and networking features

* Number of attendees who contacted a specific exhibitor or sponsor (virtual booths are also an option)

* Number of times the event app was downloaded and so on.

It becomes much simpler to evaluate an event's success with additional data genuinely.

Greater value for exhibitors and sponsors

At an overview, it could appear that sponsors, partners, and exhibitors are not getting their money's worth while using the virtual event platform. There is no actual location, no real booths or stalls, no opportunity for in-person engagement, etc. A closer inspection, though, paints a different picture. Exhibitors and sponsors no longer have to worry about empty event booths at the actual location because they can communicate virtually with attendees at any time, display & market their services through virtual event solutions. This also means fewer trips, reducing the extra expense while gaining more worthwhile and productive encounters at the event.

Increased attendance along with sustainability 

Contrary to popular belief, virtual events are more likely than their in-person counterparts to see higher participation rates. An attendance level at an online conference can be, on average, 29% greater than at a live event, according to a recent poll. The explanation is straightforward: there is no need for travel, participants may participate from any location, on-demand videos and other materials are typically available, and networking is made more accessible. It might not always be practicable for someone living in India to travel to another country and attend a live event. Such spatial limitations are gone with a virtual event. Moreover, considering the sustainability point of view, if the people you invited didn't have to travel considerable distances to your event, many polluting factors like CO2 emissions would be significantly reduced.

Facilitates attendee feedback

Many event organisers are doing this for the first time contributes significantly to the anxiety surrounding live events management. However, since gathering participant input and ideas during such events is relatively simple, these online events might genuinely aid in developing a roadmap. To learn more about audience preferences for upcoming events, planners can set up live polls, design surveys and rating systems (for example, ratings on a 5-star scale for each session), send push notifications, and in general. Planning even better virtual events for the future is easy with the proper feedback.



After discussing the advantages of virtual events, you will need to seek guidance in choosing the best option. One must first select what they are looking for in terms of conducting live events for business growth. Online meetings can take many different forms, including live presentations, one-on-one conversations, taped meetings, webinar meetings, live panel discussions, etc. Identifying the demands of your business is the first step. Is it an all-in-one package or simply one of those modules? Research can start as soon as it is decided what is required.

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