Metaverse vs Virtual Reality: Know The Difference

Published On 2023-02-17

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Metaverse, the biggest hype in the virtual world, has recently garnered attention from everyone; technophiles, business leaders, entrepreneurs, industrialists, youth, and aspiring students. This buzzword has the power to virtually connect billions of people across digital realms to shop, work, learn, interact, and live with each other— from the comfort of their homes in the real world.

Today, we use the internet to connect with individuals, gather information, and do business across the globe. With the introduction of Metaverse, computer screens have become portals to 3D virtual realms that are perceptible- like real life. Using digital facsimiles or avatars, this advanced technology enables an individual to move from one experience to another and lead a successful life.

Usually, many people presume Metaverse is similar to virtual reality. However, they are not!

In this blog, we will highlight the key differences between Metaverse and virtual reality. At the same time, we will address how Metaverse is taking over the ‘traditional’ virtual realms and its future in the physical world.

  •    Based on Accessibility

Metaverse acts as a series of interconnected virtual worlds. It allows participants to design homes/workspaces, buy properties, visit neighbourhoods, teleport across different time periods, and live life on their own terms. Whereas in other virtual worlds, users are limited to exploring and interacting with surrounding communities created by the developers.

The Metaverse, however, is not readily accessible. Through AR, VR, and other such technologies- many tech-giant companies are working hard to bring them to the market. In contrast, Virtual Reality is readily available.


  • Based on Ownership Potential

Compared to any ‘traditional’ virtual world, Metaverse serves as an open platform that allows users to develop, share content, and experience a new world. In addition, it offers an opportunity to earn money or other forms of rewards for creating and sharing unique content- which is rarely found across virtual realms.

In the case of virtual reality, participants use VR systems owned by tech giants. The brand, whichever it is, holds the equipment- like a VR headset and a device connected with a gyroscope for 360-degree interaction- to provide their users with a thrilling experience.

  • Based on Technological Limitations


The Metaverse is a riveting virtual world where individuals can meet, chat, play games, and virtually present across digital realms; as if they are sitting in the same room. On the contrary, virtual reality allows people to interact, communicate, and connect with others; however, they cannot ‘feel’ any presence.

Augmented reality technology, virtual reality, blockchain, crypto, and many other technologies support the Metaverse’s features. On the other hand, virtual reality is entirely dependent and derived from virtual reality technology, which is supported by domain companies.

Final Thoughts

Be it work or leisure, more than half of the world’s population spends a significant amount of their time online. Hence, there is no doubt that people will welcome this lucrative technology with open arms and embrace it for eternity. Whereas VR is one of the crucial technologies used in the development of Metaverse.

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