Importance Of Data Analytics In Virtual Events

Published On 2022-03-28

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As the globe shifts to virtual events to deal with the disturbance created by the outbreak, event organisers and company owners have an excellent chance to utilise a resource that has been dubbed as the modern oil- Data. But, before we delve into the realm of Data Analytics, it's important to understand why so many organisations across the world rely on statistics for creative business solutions.

Oil corporations controlled the world in the 18th century. Oil was the driving force behind significant achievements that enabled humanity to drive innovation and create inventions such as the IC engine, central heating, etc. It was the primary element that fueled economies and transformed how a man lives, works, and travels. Similarly, in our digital society, data is more precious than ever. It has the same impact as oil and opened the path for a person to develop groundbreaking innovations. It is also helping businesses to think of more robust, inventive, and revolutionary marketing strategies.

To make all these things more transparent for you, in this blog, we'll discuss what event analytics is and its benefits;

Importance Of Data Analytics In Virtual events 

With more and more organisations understanding its limitless scope in the events business, data analytics are highlighted as a rising trend. Acknowledging the trend, virtual event platforms also offer an analytics dashboard that allows administrators to collect data and get knowledge. Event tracking helps churn out relevant insights, helping planners better understand participants and their habits and enabling online events to become even more powerful. One of the primary distinctions between a successful and an unsuccessful business today is the prudent utilisation of data analytics.

Benefits Of Data Analytics:

1.  Improves Your Conversion Rate:

Setting up an event monitoring is crucial since it allows marketers to understand and identify "stucks" in your website's potential or current consumer experience. This implies that if you have a field form but no conversions, you can begin to identify where your viewers draw the line when filling out a form that sits on a specific home page and, ideally, boosts your conversion rates.

For instance, suppose you have a questionnaire on a web page that is accessed when a customer clicks on an advertisement from your sponsored marketing campaigns—following that, there are several stages on the home page before you can click a "submission" icon. Establishing a particular event prompts inside the form itself aids in determining where your visitors are abandoning forms.

2.   Makes Your Viewers Journey Simpler:

When you make a customer's trip simpler, everyone has something to benefit from. The data obtained through Event Tracking insights provides marketing and digital teams with the resources they need to make your consumer's journey smoother. Once you've established analytics and discovered where your visitors are getting caught, you can collaborate with user interface designers to develop an online experience that drives a user to perform planned activities that can be later connected to return on investment.


Event Analytics can be as basic or as complex as you like it to be. Create a profile if you don't already have one, then play around with the various aspects of event tracking services. You can also browse at the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery, which is especially beneficial for those new to this. It allows adding ready-made reports into your account, allowing you to create sophisticated dashboards rapidly. You can also utilise these statistics to grasp better what Google Analytics can accomplish for you and your events. If you need help with anything, contact your Virtual Events service provider. 

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