How to run a virtual Exhibition?

Published On 2022-08-08

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Business meetings and activities held virtually are becoming more and more significant. Event organisers are constantly on the outlook for creative ways to expand the live event elements available in the virtual world. Virtual exhibitions are an interesting approach to give your delegates content and information. 

What are virtual exhibitions?

Virtual exhibition is a space on a virtual event platform where businesses can showcase their goods and services just like they would at a physical trade show or fair. It is possible to allocate multiple exhibitors to booths where they can offer presentations and videos about their company, product, or service. They can also communicate with visitors via text or video conversations and offer extra details. The final option is for visitors to collect fliers and brochures from the vendor, just like they would at a physical fair. This will be downloaded to their smartphone automatically.

How to effectively host one? 

Learn from the following informative guide on how to execute those brilliant digital exhibition ideas and successfully host them:

Know your goals

The core idea of your exhibition must be developed and determined before you can learn how to design a virtual display. Make a list of the tasks you need to complete and the things you want to achieve then set your goals and expectations. Create a step-by-step model outlining your thoughts so that people may understand the exhibition's main theme.

Design to entertain & attract the audience 

The exhibition's overall layout should enhance both the subject matter and the visitors' experience. Create a design with the intention of entertaining your audience. The concept and theme of the exhibition must be integrated with user navigation in a digital exhibition design. The methods you employ to reach potential attendees and convert leads into attendees will determine how successfully you execute an exhibition. 

Make Navigation easy & accessible for Visitors

Attendees may find any software for a digital exhibition platform, such as a virtual trade show, to be challenging. Additionally, some visitors could experience difficulties navigating the interactive virtual show. They will require assistance, whether it is with the tools or functionality. Whatever it is, if necessary, guide your attendance at every stage. Creating a schedule and informing your visitors about the same will also simplify the navigation. 

Create Engaging content for a great experience

When creating content, it should be distinctive, interesting, and varied. Entice participants' attention with captivating elements, virtual games, and special presentations. It's okay if you have to organise an exhibition because you believe it will increase engagement. In order to make the exhibition worthwhile for your audience, you must engage your visitors.


You now have the notion of how to organise an online show. Digital exhibitions will become more and more popular, and the technology that supports them will advance and provide more specialised capabilities for managing them. Therefore, keep your mind open to learning more. Gain knowledge about the newest developments if you're serious about organising virtual exhibitions. It is best to do as much research as you can before hosting a virtual exhibition given all the industry activity.

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