How To Promote Your Live Video Before The Stream

Published On 2022-05-25

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Creating content consistently can sound like a task, especially when the aim is to keep your existing audience, attract new viewers, and gather contacts for lead generation. But with live videos, you can do all of it with ease with the help of live streaming service providers.

Live streaming videos have become the need of the hour. While more and more brands are looking to build a strong online presence, it is an effective marketing strategy to get more leads for your business. By going live, you can interact with new users and generate some curiosity about the products and services you have to offer. You can truly showcase your brand in an authentic way and humanize your brand, which helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Webinars have also gained momentum as they are far more informative and add more value for viewers. If you are looking for online webinar services, then we are here for you.

Since live streaming is so important, you can use it to get the most out of it by promoting it. Promoting your live videos in the right manner can help your brand reach untapped markets. Wondering how? Here are a few tips on how to promote your live video before the stream effectively.

Promote your live stream schedule

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook conducting live stream videos are accessible. You can practically go live anytime and anywhere. But when it comes to important events like product launches scheduling your live video helps you organise and gives you enough time to promote the event. You can build curiosity among users, create unique hashtags for social media, an attractive poster and spread the word about the event.

Appeal with a video description

Once you have scheduled your live video and created an attractive poster, it is time to play with words. Write a brief video description in the caption to attract more viewers. Here you can mention what topics you will be covering, guest speakers, and an overall plan of the live stream. These pieces of information add value to the viewers and compel them to join the live stream.

Create Facebook ads

With social media marketing tools creating Facebook ads have become convenient. After you have your schedule in place and the word is out, you can go the extra mile to reach the audience through strategic Facebook ads. This is an optional tip, but if you want the best results, we highly recommend you to go for it. With minimal investment, your live stream event can reach thousands of people.

Get people to register

One of the most crucial steps in live streaming is getting as many people as possible to register. This is a great way to gather the contact information of your target audience. You can do this with various tools like chatbots to assist users on your website and set up registration forms on landing pages. You can also add links to the sign-up form on your social media to get more leads.

Create retargeting ads after the live stream.

Promotions don’t stop after the live stream is over. You have to keep a close eye and analyse the results to strategize for future lives. See what worked well for your brand and work on aspects that didn’t. You can send out feedback forms for the people who have signed up and ask them to stay tuned for future live sessions.

Live streaming services in Mumbai are a fairly new yet persuasive technology that is here to stay. Everyone, from individual users and entrepreneurs to companies, use it to achieve their goals. If you haven't already fathomed the power of live streaming in the business world and are looking for webinar services in Mumbai, contact us today, and we'll do it for you.

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