Facebook Metaverse: A Step Towards The Future

Published On 2022-12-10

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"Metaverse isn't a thing a company builds. It's the next chapter of the internet overall."- Mark Zuckerberg.

In his recent Facebook Connect keynote, Zuckerberg presented Metaverse as the "successor to mobile internet." He rebranded Facebook as Meta with an agenda to unlock the potential of the digital world, a concept where you can escape from the constraints of the physical world into a virtual realm.

In other words, Facebook's Metaverse is a series of interconnected digital spaces that allow users to shop, work, play, interact, and collaborate virtually. The digital space includes social media, online gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency.

With Meta, Zuckerberg aims to create the next version of the internet where you can experience the digital world at your fingertips. However, this concept is still emerging and evolving. But, many visionaries and pioneers of digital wizards have explained them in their own terms.

Read further to know what you can expect from Facebook Metaverse.

The Facebook's Metaverse Promise 

Facebook's Metaverse is a promise of a futuristic tomorrow. 

Zuckerberg's explanation of the Metaverse encapsulates a parallel reality where avatars represent themselves. You can relax in your Horizon Home, call your friends, play games, go hiking, and much more. Or, you can teleport instantly as a hologram to reach the office, at a concert with friends, or go for a family vacation.

Connecting people is the core of Facebook's Metaverse, a concept that thrives on reducing physical distance and creating a hassle-free environment for everyone to live in.

The Facebook's Metaverse Offerings

The Horizon Metaverse Experience

Horizon is the metaverse home base. It is Facebook's social platform aimed at creating a dream world in virtual reality where you can interact, collaborate, and engage with your friends and family. Here, you can invite people worldwide, binge-watch movies, play games, throw a party, discuss business, or relax in your virtual lounge.

Horizon Homes, Horizon Workrooms, and Horizon Venues are some new additions to Facebook's Horizon. Soon, Meta will unveil a Horizon Marketplace where creators can sell and share 3D digital items to grow the company's Metaverse economy.  

Mesmerising Gaming Quests

 Metaverse has taken the gaming industry by storm!

The loyal gamer base is already familiar with the virtual space, 3D environments, and augmented reality that navigates them to the journey of the Metaverse. Facebook's Metaverse intends to embark into this enticing industry by using holograms that amplify standard games like chess. It enables you to connect and play with your friends or competitors from any physical location.

Currently, Meta is developing the Rockstar Games' cult veteran Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Quest 2 to test Zuckerberg's vision of the gaming metaverse.  

Fitness With Meta

Think dynamic 360-degree landscapes, wearing headphones on, where you are running with your buddies in a virtual realm. Isn't it exquisite?

The fitness industry has already tapped into the tech-driven world to make exercising more fun, captivating, and creative. One can perform HIIT training, attend a yoga session, or play virtual tennis from any place in the world with AI.

Facebook's Metaverse recently launched Active Pack for Quest 2 for people interested in gymnasiums. It is packed with new grips for touch controllers to make your experience more immersive and lively. 

To Conclude:

Metaverse has become a hype technology buzzword since the time Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. Zuckerberg envisions a seamless interoperability where you can connect, interact, and collaborate on virtual platforms without any physical hindrances. 

The core message of Facebook's Metaverse is simple: to make the world more personalised, communicative, and creative.

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