How Customising Virtual Events Can Help You Increase Engagement?

Published On 2022-09-25

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Making connections in-person is a powerful thing. For various reasons, it’s never easy or achievable to bring people together in the same space. That’s why virtual and hybrid events have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The very existence of virtual events helped many business organisations to collaborate and engage their employees, clients, and stakeholders on a virtual platform. With cutting-edge technology, event managers use visual effects and creative methods to entertain as well as provide immersive virtual experiences to their attendees. 

Today, many top-notch companies are implementing customised virtual event platforms for individuals to participate in their events from any geographical location.

Customisation gives adequate space & opportunity to convert audience to leads, drive good revenue, and maximise ROI. The host can use creative visuals, presentations, polls, quizzes, or chatbox to engage and collaborate with the audience.

Feasible communication and engagement are necessary to bring overall event success. Hence, we are sharing four different ways by which a customised virtual event significantly improves audience engagement.

1. Personalised Virtual Event Platform

A virtual event platform allows space for hosts and panellists to showcase content and address the masses. Customising an event platform will allow the presenters to set the stage according to their needs and requirements for better engagement.

The anchors will give them the confidence to captivate their audience more effectively by projecting images and green screenings.

2. Creating Own Theme

Setting a theme is very important to bring overall success to any event. It helps the audience feel special and connects them to the event physically and emotionally. Depending upon the type of event, the event organisers can develop a theme to engage their participants.

Some of the societal themes include movie night, superheroes, virtual trivia, and happy hour themes.

3. Customised Event Landing Page

A landing page is the first thing attendees will see once they click on the registration link for your event. Hence, it would be best to use creative visuals and catchy taglines to create an ever-lasting impression on your target audience.

It is imperative to mention the date, time, and link for the event. Also, give a short description of your event to help the audience orient themselves before joining.

4. Floor-Plan Design

Personalising the floor-plan design is the best way to mimic the physical events. Like any physical venue needs preparation before welcoming the guests, a virtual arena can create a positive impression on your participants.

By setting a virtual dance floor, furniture, or a multi-faceted lounge, all these can be created virtually to enhance your audience engagement.

Customised virtual events offer the convenience of large meetings without incurring extra overheads or loss of productivity. At the same time, it enables the event planners to use different tactics and techniques to keep audiences engaged throughout the event. However, hosting a virtual event is a tedious task. 

From hiring IT professionals to event managers and technicians, the organisers must instruct and manage everything single-handedly. Here’s where you might need our assistance.  If you are considering a virtual event company, you can connect with us instantly. We will help you get a customised virtual event platform according to your requirements.

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