Metaverse: A New Phase in the Event Industry!

Published On 2022-09-15

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Last year, many industries were amused and thrilled by the seemingly new concept of the ‘Metaverse’. After Facebook rebranded itself to ‘Meta’, many other brands and multinational companies announced their new ventures into the virtual world.

Metaverse has become a buzzword, and why not?

Metaverse offers an individual to meet new people, visit places, and do everything that we do in reality- in the virtual world. Many tech giants like Meta, Epic Games, and Microsoft have invested billions of dollars in this technological revolution, which is considered to be the Future of Social Networking.

What is Metaverse?  

Metaverse can be defined as a persistent and captivating 3D environment that makes extensive use of advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Metaverse provides an entry point to any individual who wants to experience and explore virtual space, whether a game, gimmick or a massive advertising realm.

The metaverse hype is all over the place- and many organisations want to incorporate this virtual experience in their business events. Metaverse uses the leverage of VR to create engaging, social, and inclusive events. Simultaneously, it attracts high-paying sponsors, attendee registration, and ROI.

In the following section, we will be discussing some popular Metaverse Events that are trending in the event industry.

Types of Metaverse Events

Events are enthralling. On Metaverse, participants can create their own avatars and be present in the virtual realm. Sitting in the comfort of their confined spaces, they can practically feel the presence of other people and interact with them- groove, laugh, and hang around. Also, it removes the status barriers among people and allows them to communicate with each other freely.

Event organisers can provide 360-Degree coverage and assistance while working from their offices, coffee shops, or homes. Using AI Chatbots and VR technology, they can guide, greet, and interact with their participants throughout the event.

Metaverse Gaming Event

Although the gaming industry has been captivating audiences for decades, Metaverse allows gamers to practically participate in their favourite game and experience the virtual realms. They can play, interact with plays, and do transactions within the game itself.

From the organiser’s point of view, metaverse gaming events have the potential to boost earning opportunities. Using advanced visual effects like a countdown, clock, leader scoreboard, etc., they can create a curated setup within the Metaverse to enhance the gamer’s spirit.

Metaverse Award Shows

Hosting an award show in the Metaverse can be an enticing experience for the participants. Employees, panellists, and special guests can create their own avatars, interact with each other, and build connections in the virtual world.

Also, event organisers don’t need to rent ample space to accommodate the participants. Using creative themes, enticing floor design, and 3D models- they can modify their setups within a limited time period and glamourise the whole ceremony.  

Metaverse Trade Shows

Trade shows provide an exclusive opportunity to attract potential audiences, generate leads, and build a sales pipeline. By organising Metaverse Trade Shows, exhibitors can connect with buyers worldwide and leverage their business growth.

- Be it food, car, technology, or apparel- event organisers can:

- Customise virtual booths for each vendor

- Embed an online shop & drive conversions

- Add virtual games to keep attendees engaged, especially children

- Enable live chatbots to create engagements.

The Metaverse presents many opportunities from a business perspective. According to independent studies, Metaverse is a $1 trillion revenue-generating platform that can span all digital technologies without geographical hindrances.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse is the next big thing in the virtual world. In the event industry, it provides an opportunity to reboot the balance of hybrid, virtual, and live events. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in incorporating Metaverse into an upcoming event. We will be happy to be your next Metaverse Event partner.

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