3 Initial Stages Before Hosting A Virtual Event

Published On 2023-02-20

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Live streaming is the new normal in the event marketing industry. Be it small businesses, entrepreneurs, or major corporations, everyone is participating in virtual events to collaborate & attain business goals across digital realms.

Multinational companies are cordially working with digital marketing experts, strategists, and tech-savvy to create customised virtual events that meet their set of targeted goals.

The essence of the virtual event is to engage the audience from start to finish. From creating an impactful content strategy to raising awareness across different platforms, event management companies should undertake every strategy to create an immersive user experience. 

There are numerous other reasons to adopt live streaming trends. However, creating an industry-grade live streaming video is a challenging task. The event manager must follow the proper procedure to bring overall success to the event.

  • Setting Proper Flow of Event

Credited as the backbone of every event, setting a proper event flow is the first and foremost step every event management company undertakes to bring discipline among team members & ensure a hassle-free process. This procedure acts as a blueprint of the event, helping the event management team to effectively delegate tasks to different employees & get work done on given timelines.

The event manager should connect with a content strategist and discuss the core message an organisation wants to spread with the event. The strategist will conduct thorough research to understand the audience's preference, know the jurors, and the objective of the event. Accordingly, they will create a proper event flow and further develop a customised event theme.

  • Creating Customised Event Theme

After setting the proper flow of events, the event manager needs to develop a theme that matches the brand message. A customised event theme makes people feel more personalised & ensures the whole event plays around the objective of the business. While conceptualising the concept idea, the event planner must invest some time in understanding their target audience.

Suppose an organisation wants to motivate their internal teams. In that case, they can come up with inspirational themes- such as Power Up, Mavericks, or Sky’s The Limit- to ignite the passion among employees. For entertainment, the company can choose enthralling themes-like FunFiesta, Journey of Joy, or Goodness Marathon- to make the event full of fun & excitement.

  • Boosting Events on Different Digital Platform

One of the main objectives of organising events is connecting with the target audience. Since most individuals have an online presence, event managers can promote their events on various digital platforms. Using creative visuals & engaging content, the digital marketer can reach potential audiences, generate engagement, and increase brand awareness.

The event managers can coordinate with marketing strategists to provide them with a robust digital marketing strategy. Using event analytics & different social media program, these strategists can pull a large audience base & bring overall success to the event. 

Bonus Tip: Post a Replay & Keep Streaming!

Many viewers can tune in after the completion of live streaming. The event manager can create short clips of the virtual events and post them across different social media platforms. This way, the organisation can increase engagement and reach the potential audience who honestly value the content.

Event managers can coordinate with digital marketers or graphic designers to trim live stream events into consecutive episodes. They can embed those videos across different digital platforms like blogs, articles, social media handles, or podcasts to increase engagement & brand awareness.

Managing events can be a tedious task, from creating a blueprint of the event to hosting it on different platforms. To smoothen the functioning of events, organisations should hire a live streaming provider agency that caters to an in-house team of professionals. 

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