6 Things Brands Need to Get Started with Live Streaming Video

Published On : 17 October 2019

Live streaming is the best way to reach your audience online, engage with your followers, and increase your brand awareness. For these reasons, a lot of people and brands have started streaming live videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Irrespective of your profession be it an artist, a celebrity, a teacher or a health professional. This article will help you get a great clarity about what you need to get started with your own live streaming video.

Strategic Planning

Planning is the primary aspect of live streaming as it plays a vital role in the digital marketing strategy. Live streaming is not the only channel to promote your brand. Ensure that you set a standard set of goals to achieve them before going live.

Editorial Calendar

It is very essential to create an editorial calendar as it plays a key role in helping you create more innovative, fresh, and unique content stories for live videos instead of just the live video. Content also helps create an audience base for your event. Planning the content is a major move to position your brand and build yourself as a reliable source.

Brand Personality

Brand personality or brand engagement plays a key role in driving traffic for the live streaming of your event. Thus, it acts as a reflection of your thoughts. You can create your brand personality with the help of your staff, your social presence, your website and even by collaborating with influencers.

Collaborative Partners

While in the era of booming cross promotion, it is no secret that it greatly helps in growing brands organically and promotes brand awareness. You can leverage the already engaged audience of big brands and utilize it for your promotion or can rope in influencers who would talk about your brand and help you build an authentic brand image.


While many people drive their audience to live streaming, most of them tend to forget the next step i.e. what to do after having their attention? Where do you want to take them? You should create a designated page where you want to convert them into your customer in order for them to take action. Eg: It could be a newsletter that you would want them to sign up. All you need to ensure is, making it simple and easy for the audience.

Repurposing Strategy

We’re sure you don't want your content to die after being viewed for once. Think about the people who missed to catch your live streaming. Live streaming, when said means streaming your content live for once. However, it should be changed and the content should be re-shared across all social channels as it can also act as an archive in your brand’s library. Pick some streams, edit them and re-use them for sharing or even on the landing page of your next streaming.

Now that you know about the things that are needed to get started with your live streaming video, get started with your plans!



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