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We help our clients by providing appropriate solutions varying from live streaming of audio video content to Video On Demand (VOD), Video Conference service or complete Event Management in following business situations:
Corporate Communication and Finance
  • Initial Public Offer  
  • Press Conferences/Analyst Meets/AGMs         
  • Corporate Video/Plant/Factory Video Showcased on Website
  • Crisis Communication
Human Resource
  • Online Live Training on the Intranet
  • Online Interactive Training
  • Knowledge Management
  • CEO Address
Marketing Communication
  • Product Launches
  • Digital  Archival – Video Management
  • Multilocational  CMEs
  • Doctor Meets
  • Interactive Dealer meets
  • Headquarter briefings to marketing staff
  • Showcase Content
  • CMEs
Key Features of Internet based Communication
  • Increase comprehension & productivity
  • Simplify & accelerate the release of complex product information
  • Use the best people to train the entire organization or customer base
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts
  • Audience participation anytime, from anywhere