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Live Webcasting (Web Broadcasting)
Internet Webcast
24 Frames Digital has substantial experience in covering events and streaming them live on to the Internet for corporate giants. We have covered events such as AGMs, conventions, press conferences, brand/product launches, share holders meetings, major company announcements. 24 Frames Digital services are ideal for companies large and small who want to effectively communicate, internally and externally.

Intranet Webcast
24 Frames Digital also conducts large-scale webcasts on corporate Intranets with multiple networks: LAN, WAN, VPN and V-SAT. Popularly used for CEO-employee interactions, employee appreciation events, annual events, town-hall meetings and broadcast of crisis communication.
Webcast / Streaming Media Consultancy
Planning to have a webcast/streaming setup of your own? 
24 Frames Digital provides end-to-end assistance in creating entire streaming setups for organizations that intend to use webcasting very frequently; right from providing the technical know-how and training to sourcing the required equipment.
Video-on-Demand (VOD) / On-demand Streaming
At times some people are unable to view a live webcast. For them and those who want to review a previous webcast, 24 Frames Digital hosts videos on our servers. 
This also applies for events that were not webcasted. They are captured, encoded, hosted, and made available "on-demand".
Video Conferencing
24 Frames Digital stands for providing new and easier ways of communication and help business grow by generating easier to use internet application and offering communication solutions and enjoy a competitive advantage.
Video Hosting Services
24 Frames Digital provides solutions to manage sharing of large databases of videos using a content management system. This can be used to share video archives of the organization with access control to manage who sees what.
Audio/Video Archival
Over the years organizations tend to accumulate large amounts of audio and video data that invariably becomes difficult to access if there is no efficient content management system in place. This leads to an opportunity cost. 24 Frames Digital makes it easy to access earlier data can prove invaluable to marketing and HR teams.
Voting Pad System/Audience Response System
An Audience Response System (ARS) allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question via remotes. The ARS implemented by 24 Frames Digital allows for interaction between a presenter and his/her audience.
Mobile Streaming
With the advent of mobile telephony, everyone is empowered to receive information and data wherever they are. 24 Frames Digital leverages this ready resource to enable our customers to reach their audience wherever they are.
Event Management
Along with complete webcasting and streaming solutions, 24 Frames Digital also provides complete end-to-end event management solutions (stage design, backdrops, standees, projection systems, public address systems, gifting solutions).